Nixie Pipe Weather


Three Nixie Pipe modules to display the weather.

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Three Nixie Pipe modules configured to display weather: a Master configured with weather symbols and two Slave number modules. The weather Master features symbols in the place of numbers for sunny, rain, cloud/sun, cloudy, fog, wind, snow, thunder, percent and pascals (pressure).

Unlike the Nixie Pipe Clock, this requires connection from a computer (or Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 for the technically minded!) via USB to download the weather from the internet. You can use the developed Python, node.js libraries with examples or the Nixie Pipe Controller App. Just like the clock, the app can be used to manually set the digits, or display active content beyond the weather. The percent symbol can be used with the CPU usage display when using the Weather Pipe.

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Dimensions 40 x 150 x 74 mm


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