Honock – Honey Clock


A clock using illuminated hexagons

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Honock is a clock made using hexagons. It looks like honeycomb and so christened the name honock, honey/clock. A hexagon has six sides: By tessellating hexagons on each side, the number of hexagons increases in multiples of six – perfect for timing! A geometric progression of factor six.

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The outer twelve hexagons show hours: 1-12 clockwise like a normal clock. Minutes are shown on the inner six hexagons by increasing the saturation and brightness of each of the six hexagons as ten minutes elapses; like viscous honey flowing into the hexagon. So 0-60 clockwise again but in ten minute steps: [10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60]. Reading the time to the minute is a challenge but one can quickly ascertain how far through the hour the time is to the general minutes – just like a traditional wall clock. The middle hexagon can toggle between breathing to show seconds or just remain static. In the demo above (running at accelerated speed), the time runs from 13:45 to 00:00.

Inside is custom electronics driving multi-colour LEDs. It’s powered by a micro USB (cable included) and features a button to set the time, toggle the middle second indicator and set the outer display colour. By default, the outer display (hours) is a nice honey yellow but can be set to any colour. The inner hexagons (minutes), cycling through the colour spectrum depending on the time of day so one can see whether it’s AM or PM (in case you live in a windowless room!). At midday and midnight, a rainbow floods through Honock for a minute.

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The front stain can be selected: clear (birch plywood), oak or no front panel at all (the hexagons are divided internally so they appear as silhouettes through the acrylic). Honock can be wall mounted, with screw mounting holes included in the rear panel.

These are all handmade by me and will be limited to 50 units. Each one will be individually numbered.

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Dimensions 230 × 250 × 25 mm


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