Bristol Butt’r 180 g


Bristol Butt’r Chamois Cream – 180 g

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Bristol Butt’r is a thick antiseptic ointment, to help prevent chafing and sores when doing sports. Known as ‘chamois cream’ in cycling, Bristol Butt’r was developed by John Whittington in pursuit of the perfect chamois cream. The result is a hand crafted, no expense spared chamois butter; thick and long lasting with high levels of active ingredient. Whilst chasing the cyclist dream himself, John decided others could benefit from the butter too, going into production and handmaking it between training rides!

Many chamois creams are based around moisturers, which absorb too quickly leaving the area unprotected and inviting bacteria. Bristol Butt’r is tailored to the task with ingredients like bees wax that create the perfect barrier. The name comes from the fact John is from Bristol, a city its vibrant cycling culture, plus it has a good ring to it! Say it like a Bristolian for true effect.

Chamois cream is something you may not have realised you need; given the application area and remedy, it doesn’t come up in conversation with new cyclists or is simply overlooked. I’m sure you will have experienced soreness after a long ride or even ‘saddle sores’, something Bristol Butt’r aims to alleviate. Give Bristol Butt’r a go in your day to day riding and I’m sure you’ll be surprised how much more comfortable your shorts become, with the right interface between body and clothing.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 200 mm


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