Laser Cut Layered Wooden Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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I designed this speaker because I wanted a portable audio device I could use in the workshop when working or outside with friends. It’s a fully wooden construction powered speaker, made by layering laser-cut plywood. I call it ‘Auden’ – [Au]dio woo[den].

By layering the plywood, I was able to create the unique hourglass shape. It looks interesting but also makes it easy to carry and doubles up as the perfect cradle for the audio device being played. The design is inspired by the retro wooden audio equipment of the 80s with a modern twist.

Inside is a 2x18W, stereo Class D amplifier (highly efficient), driving two 80mm cones. It’s 100mm deep to allow a movement of air and insulated with a thin layer of sheeps wool to create a pleasant audio dynamic; it sounds great for it’s size.

A bluetooth module allows connection to the speaker wirelessly or via the AUX input – I include this as I generally prefer the improved audio quality this offers. A clean white illuminated push button turns the speaker on, with a matching blue illuminated button at the rear for bluetooth. It takes a 12V 500mA source (power adaptor included). If you want to give it portable power, you can BYOB ‘bring your own battery’. I can recommend compatible Li-Ion battery packs that will last ~16hr for around ~£20.

I make these to order so I can provide customisation at your request (engraving, material finish).

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 280 x 110 x 110 mm


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